Welcome to my website. These days it is more of a place-holder for future endeavors. Originally, my site showcased the work I did as a guitar builder as an offshoot of my music page. All good things come to an end. My music performing became rare as both myself and my brother became more involved with being parents. I still “make” music in my home studio but playing is a rare event.

Building guitars is also not an activity I have been partaking in since relocating to Regina. Building requires a proper space for sure but more importantly it requires a consistent and controlled work environment that is not easily achieved without a dedicated work space. Without the ability to control humidity the likelihood of a failed building project increases dramatically. If parts get assembled under different conditions moisture content (or lack of) can leave stress at joints that can lead to warping, shifting, and cracking. This is not worth the risk when you are dealing with tonewood.

I continue to do repairs and setups for loyal customers and referrals from that client base. This is something I enjoy and this allows me to choose the kind of work I do.

Perhaps in the near future there will be something to share here but until then feel free to pretend along with me.

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